Youth in youth policy in the country in recent years, wide-ranging reforms to spend your leisure time and our youth is the foundation important for meaningful employment and live a decent life, the necessary conditions are being created for the realization of their creative potential.

All is quite well known as a vibrant and important in the development of the country vigor of youth is power. To strengthen the feeling of patriotism in the heart of them, the increase of confidence to the future, the age-old traditions and values also ensures that umrboqiy.

It should be noted that exactly the issue of the priority directions of the government policy in our country, young people are defined as one of the most attention.

Therefore, students of the faculty of samarkand state university, faculty of business management and information technology branch holiday of spiritual and educational work a. jabborov on youth issues and the deputy dean of the faculty b. a. muxammadiyev tyutori teacher and the observer “by we are affected for the future of the fatherland” was held a round table discussion on the theme.

During the conversation, in the minds of the youth of our country’s history, the study of national and universal values, show the talent of our country that create the conditions for their youth, independent and free-thinking to have the support of talented youth, which was extensive dwell on.