Today’s beauty of the ancient city of Samarkand, which combines history and modernity, attracts thousands of our compatriots and foreign tourists.

          Therefore, in order to study the secrets of the museum, the majesty of historical monuments that have survived to our time, on April 23 Samarkand State University Kattakurgan branch of the Faculty of Business Administration and Information Technology “Social Work” The trip to Samarkand was organized under the motto “Year of travel” under the auspices of the university.

          Ancient and ever-young Samarkand is famous as a legendary city with a unique oriental appearance, rich history and unique monuments that will amaze anyone. Named the “Eternal City” along with Rome, it has become the pearl of the East, one of the 50 must-see cities in the world.

          Students of the branch first visited the shrine of Mahdumi Azam, located in the town of Dahbed, Akdarya district of Samarkand region.

          After that, our students visited the Registan ensemble, the mausoleum of Amir Temur, the Mirzo Ulugbek Observatory and Museum, the Shahi Zinda complex, as well as the eternal residence of the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.

          During the visit, students learned about the life and work of our ancestor Imam Al-Bukhari, especially for students from remote areas, such as Surkhandarya, Andijan, Khorezm, Fergana and other regions. made a great impression.

The students noted that frequent visits to such historical sites would be appropriate if organized more frequently.