We know that as the Republic of Uzbekistan develops, its internal structure is growing rapidly.

At the initiative of the head of our state, a number of measures are being taken to pay attention to the Zakovat team competition, which is an intellectual sport.

Taking advantage of these initiatives, our Faculty of Business Administration and Information Technology also participated in the team competition “Zakovat”.

The head of the department of the Faculty of Business Administration and Information Technology Jasurbek Ergashovich began to read the questions.

The intense bellshop tested the teams ’deep thinking and memory.

Each answer was, of course, carefully evaluated by the judges.

The competition was very transparent and one member from each team opened the question envelopes.

Chairman of the jury Deputy Director for Youth Affairs and Spiritual Enlightenment Sh. Mustafayev

The judges were M. Turaev, Deputy Director for Research and Innovation.

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs S. Elmonov.

Dean of the Faculty S.Rajabov took part

Unanimously, the judges took the first place in the Business Management team “Business is our future” at the faculty.

Excerpts from the event

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