2022-11-year-in January, the governor of the samarkand region “Samarkand region, enhancing the quality of education in improving the quality of education in schools achieve targeted the last places on the section on” 10-7-0-Q/22 and secondary schools on the basis of the decision was to guard the cooperation of samdukf órtasida qoydi!

The dean of the faculty associate in the school by the anvil by the president to increase the efficiency and quality of education, universities and education in the district for the purpose of further strengthening of cooperation between kattaqórğon 66-branch bóldi school.

The institution of effective team teaching mashgulot organization, the effective use of educational technology, professional óquvchilarni yónaltirish subject óz gave recommendations. Óquvchilar bólib in conversation with them and answered the questions of interest. Graduate of the universities themselves gave recommendations on the surface of submitting the documents essential to note to those interested, and knowledgeable as young people make a memorable gift books.