Holiday business management and information technology in the faculty of samarkand state university branch of “disorders and the prevention of crime among students” was held on the topic of with the purpose of prevention. Students, women and crime by preventing disorders to occur together with partner organizations, the city police office to be a positive solution of this problem on the holiday great maya inspector XQMB JXX HP, Z.P.axatov, youth issues, and work on spiritual and educational deputy director Sh.Mustafaev, S. consultant directorEshonqulov, the dean of the faculty of business management and information technology S.rajabov girls preventive and 65 students of the faculty participated in the event.

Mark delivered a speech at the event that you take to enhance the effectiveness of spiritual and educational work of the women who, between them, the offenders, crime preventive work aimed at the prevention of systemic organization of the various flows down to keep from the harmful effects to young people in the spirit of love to the motherland, to educate about the important tasks should be meaningful leisure time spent there is talk that focuses on timely complete.

Like this preventive, agitation, propaganda and a logical basis for the event offenders and students on the prevention of crime among women and five be done in advance of life and to improve their lifestyle, various torture, zo’ravonliklarda pressure and protection about the need to elevate consciousness and legal culture of great importance.

It is noteworthy recognized, along with the political and legal events like this increasing knowledge of women to be held between them to prevent crime and offenders young people from a close dialogue with various love for the country and to protect information from attacks, with a long history of traditional values, will serve to educate in the spirit of respect to the heritage of the ancestors.

Students detail the representatives of the regions of interest in questions of life answered on the basis of the examples, we recommend giving their advice and passed.

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