Samarqand davlat universiteti Kattaqo'rg'on filiali

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Along with the support and encouragement of young people, the President has developed measures to develop the intellectual competition “Zakovat” among young people, and in order to ensure the implementation of this decision The city stage of the Zakovat competition was held in cooperation with the Agency for Youth Affairs.

Students of Amir Temur, Zaamin, Naqis, Kushkhovuz mahallas and SamDUKF took part in the competition.

After the conditions were fully announced by the coordinator Abror Jabborov, the competition started and the intense competition began.

The evaluation system was determined by a panel of fair judges and was conducted in a transparent manner.

In the fierce competition, the teams showed their activism and achieved high results



1st place 02855- “Temur varislari” team of the military unit

2nd place SamDUKF Faculty of Pedagogy and Language Teaching “Students” team

3rd place SamDUKF Faculty of Business Administration and Information Technology


The teams of “Businessmen” were declared the absolute winners.

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