In all higher educational institutions, the activities of applicants are established. They are studying the problems of a student's education, their way of life, the personality of a rented landlord, and the safety of a student.

In this regard, the Tyutors of the SamDU Kattakogon branch are working effectively. In accordance with the above requirements, the apartments living in the student's rent are divided into "Red," "Yellow," and "Green" categories and the necessary measures are being taken in a timely manner.

The deputy dean of the faculty of pedagogical and language teaching of the branch, J.Murdochov, A.Jabborov, and H.Rashidov are in the student household and are divided into categories. In the absence of the necessary conditions for the student to prepare and live in the classroom, the student is being transferred to a student residence or other rental apartment.

"We are aware of the plight of every student living in rent or in a dormitory," says Abram Jabborov, a lecturer at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Language Teaching. "In order to organize our activities effectively and to find the house where the student lives quickly and quickly," she says, "each has developed an e-mail address, or 'geoposition'. This is preventing excessive faltering.

According to the results of today's study, one student's rental apartment was found to be of the Red Category, and it was moved to student accommodation. Important tasks in this direction continue systematically.

©️ "Journalist School" group of SamDU KF.

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