Today, on the basis of large-scale reforms in our country, a lot of opportunities have opened for young people. Everyone must make a worthy contribution to the preservation of a peaceful and serene life in our country, its independence and stability.

Utkir Ibragimov, Assistant of the Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Business Administration and Information Technology, Kattakurgan Branch, Samarkand State University, Anvar Muhammadiyev, tutor of the faculty Spiritual and enlightenment roundtable on “Strengthening and enlightenment against ignorance” was organized.

During the roundtable, the speakers discussed practical measures to ensure the stability of the socio-political situation among young people, to prevent them from joining various foreign movements, to educate young people in higher education in the spirit of secularism and patriotism. It is noteworthy that educational work is being carried out, all conditions are being created for the healthy and harmonious upbringing of our youth, all conditions are being created for them to demonstrate their talents, and talented young people with independent and free thinking are being supported. kidlandi.

He also spoke about the prevention and fight against various ideological threats in today’s era of globalization, emphasizing the importance of combating anti-idea, anti-idea, anti-ignorance and enlightenment in these processes. he said.

At the end of the event, students actively participated with questions of interest and received answers from experts