The Kattakurgan branch of Samarkand State University named after Sharof Rashidov hosted a spiritual and educational event on the theme “The exemplary life of Amir Temur” on the occasion of the 686th anniversary of Sahibkiran Amir Temur

It is known that every year on April 9, the birthday of Amir Temur is celebrated in our country with great solemnity. In this regard, the spiritual and educational event held at the Kattakurgan branch of SamSU aroused great interest among teachers and students. The head of the regional branch of the Writers’ Union, poet and publicist Toshpolat Tugalov conducted a cordial and question-and-answer session.

Professor of SamSU, Doctor of Law Ziyodulla Mukimov, Head of the Samarkand Regional Branch of the International Amir Temur Public Foundation Professor Koziboy Mamarahimov, ‘z held.

The head of the regional branch of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan Toshpolat Tugalov spoke about the conditions created by the head of state and the government for the younger generation, the care provided. He stressed the need to study the life and military activities of Amir Temur and to be proud of our great ancestors, to follow their example and to maintain a high sense of patriotism, courage and devotion. The poet congratulated the audience on our national holiday – Navruz and read samples of his new poems.

In short, the creative activity of Amir Temur, his work as a famous statesman, an invincible commander, a skilled politician, a talented architect, a lawyer and a reformer is commendable. Thanks to him, a strong centralized state was established in the Movarounnahr region, and science, art, and architecture flourished.

Sahibkiran is not only the founder of the most powerful state of his time, the patron of science, culture and spirituality, but also a person who made a significant contribution to world civilization, having a decisive influence on the historical changes that took place in Asia and Europe.

The guests answered questions from students during the open dialogue event. Toshpolat Tugalov, the head of the regional branch of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan, presented a collection of poems “Samarkand Mushairasi”, new issues of the newspaper “Ijod Yuli”, and Professor Ziyodulla Mukimov’s works about Temur to active students and the branch library.

At the end of the event, Shomurod Mustafaev, Deputy Director for Youth Affairs and Spiritual and Educational Affairs of the branch, thanked the guests for the informative event and provided students with useful and useful information about the great Amir Temur.

It should be noted that such educational events enrich the knowledge of the younger generation about our history, increase the respect for the image of our great ancestors.

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