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As part of the “Youth Forum of Uzbekistan – 2021” on December 13 this year, the Agency for Youth Affairs Kattakurgan city branch, Information Library Center, military unit in the city, the department of public education and SamSU Kattakurg In cooperation with the branch, a creative contest was organized under the motto “Praise the Motherland” in order to spend meaningful leisure time of young people, to educate cultured and patriotic youth. 

In the competition, young people demonstrated their talents in poetry and art.

At the end of the competition, a student of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Language Teaching SamDUKF Mustafakulova Umida took first place in the poetry competition. Another student of this faculty Hayitmuradova Marjona took the honorary 3rd place in this direction. The winners were awarded with diplomas and souvenirs (photo).

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