Hello dear compatriots!

Dear professors and teachers, dear students!

I congratulate you on the coming new year 2022.
First of all, I wish you good health, peace and prosperity.
The year 2021, which has become history, has been a year of renewal, change and prosperity in the destiny of our Motherland and in the life of our people.

In particular, this year an important event in the socio-political life of our country – the presidential election. Distinguished Shavkat Mirziyoyev has been elected President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Our people have earned their trust, love and respect.

The past year has been truly productive and successful for our university. The opening of the Uzbek-Finnish Pedagogical Institute and the Kattakurgan branch of Samarkand State University is a great result of the ongoing reforms in the field of higher education. I would also like to emphasize that our university has been granted financial independence.

In 2021, 11 researchers from Samarkand State University defended their doctoral (DsC) and 67 doctoral (PhD) dissertations. 58 monographs of our scientists, including 8 monographs were published in Germany, Russia and Turkey, 816 out of more than 1350 scientific articles were published in foreign and 116 in Scopus-based journals. International conferences and symposiums were held. Ambassadors of about ten foreign countries visited our university. Nobel Laureate Aziz Sanjar took part in the first-ever “September 21 – Samarkand State University Day”…
2nd year student of Samarkand State University Parvina Samandarova won a silver medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

The delegation of our university took part in the international symposium “Uzbekistan’s past and present” held in Ankara, Turkey, and established cooperation with universities of this country.

I believe that the new 2022 will be a more important and responsible year for our university.
I wish you all family happiness, new success and strength in the new year.
May this year be full of news for you and your loved ones. May the Lord, who created us, protect our people.

Happy New Year!

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