Holiday business management and information technology in the faculty of samarkand state university, branch of quality control sirojiddinov head of the department of education, Youth issues, and spiritual and educational work a. m. ashurov tyutor jabborov and deputy dean on “the national values and their role in the education of the youth of the” round table discussion on the topic with the students.

H. Sirojiddinov national values and traditions in the education of our youth in this conversation place, adverse events underway at the present time, the students gave detailed information about the participation of youth in them.

Also, in the event our national values to be “wedding ceremony”, “a national holiday”, “National customs” were analyzed in conjunction with information about their students to the history of the celebration, thoughts exchanged.

Questions and answers along with the students active participation in the required information of interest from the teachers themselves and for themselves, they have to complete answers to the questions received.