Today, a team of students and teachers of the Faculty of Business Administration and Information Technology of the Kattakurgan branch of Samarkand State University held a wonderful event dedicated to the national symbol of the Republic.

Great report on our flag

In particular, students and teachers took the stage and delivered poems, speeches and even speeches in English on the flag of the Republic.

Great speech in English

Our talented students themselves sang a wonderful poem about our flag about the homeland

Safarbaeva Nelufar enlivened the hall with her exemplary and impressive poetry

Our student, who gave a speech about our flag with a great speech, also gave a lot of information as an example

Hotamov Humoyun A wonderful speech about our flag

Our students even presented samples of their poetry

Poet of our faculty

In this busy period, the teachers of our faculty were not left out, and in the hall of a whole group of activists moved their hearts with their wonderful poems.

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