Today, in the wide world of the internet who are crimes, in particular, the technical and ideological corruption of the victim is caused by, arising not to follow the norms of internet culture. Therefore, to carry out propaganda work which contains complex all layers of the population, have been instrumental to prevent kibertahdidlarning.

The world is committed by the sharp increasing of the ideological struggle among youth in the current period of ongoing threats bepisand national spiritual values, let’s commit to the harmful effects ideas on fb, crime and extremism join condition wanders trying to stay still sucks.

To increase the sensitivity of spiritual and educational work, an effective fight against internal and external threats and risks in the field of spirituality in society, strengthen ideological immunity, in order to SamDUKF in the faculty of business management and information technology “Internet of threats and methods of struggle against them in the area of the spiritual” hosted a roundtable on the theme.

Deputy dean in the faculty of spiritual and educational work and youth issues on the event Jabborov A., o. a. took part in muxammadiyev tyutori sadullayev faculty and teacher.

A teacher in the faculty of computer science, the event Sadullayev O. lectures, and is currently the common types of threats spiritual fanatics and religious extremism, to keep them from various unhealthy ignored on the basis of the internet access to the space, not down at domiga gave explanations on topical issues such as this.

Sad life examples of the effects of various gambling games on the internet giving the talk with the students be aware of called.

During the event, students took an active part with questions of interest to them.