The head of state of 2022-the 19 year-in January, “on measures for improvement of the system of working with young people in the neighborhood”pp-92 Samarkand state university on the implementation of resolution of the faculty of business management and information technology branch holiday daka effective work is being carried out by the s. rajabov

In particular, the people in the city “Chinabad” S. Tursunov elected the new chairman of youth in the neighborhood to the neighborhood with the organization of meaningful leisure time, the popularization of the national people’s games and sports among young people, five important initiatives projects, youth festivals and other cultural activities on the implementation of agreed.

In particular, “Chinabad” Nizomov s. citizens living in the neighborhood learn make contact with the issue of unemployment, citizens of contact solution gave different instructions on the positive, and I was attracted to nizomov s. public works.