As it is known, Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the post of the president of the republic of uzbekistan kirishgandayoq noted that I had an idea: the people of the state to the authorities, but the state authorities should serve our people.

This has been identified as a priority direction of state policy principles elparvar. 2016-year 28-December on the work with appeals of physical and legal entities of the decree of the president adopted. This decree of the president of the people’s republic of uzbekistan established in accordance with reception of citizens of the virtual office has become the system of reception and connecting with the authorities.

Live communication with leaders at all levels in place and the reception carried out in the establishment of external aroused great hope and confidence, you can order to solve the problems of people. The system state agencies to fall lower, the population began to work on the basis of needs and requirements.

In particular, the people of the city “Chordara” MFY state services in the building justice department director of the center SH.Abdullaev, f. kamalov mudira house weddings “in Chordara” MFY Badriddinov new ray F., S. Rajabov SamDUKF the dean of the faculty of business management and information technology, Youth issues, and deputy dean on spiritual and educational work A. jabborov carried out by individuals and legal entities received external representatives

Each application for admission to the legal analysis of the head of the affected department to issue ishitrokida without explanation and tips were given.