As long as there is corruption in society, there will be no development or progress. Therefore, in our country, there is an uncompromising fight against this disease. Unfortunately, despite the measures being taken, there are still areas where corruption is deeply rooted. Not only the state but also society, every citizen, should fight against it. Only then can the most important areas, such as education and medicine, become a corruption-free area.

(Matthew 24:14; 28:19, 20) Jehovah's Witnesses would be pleased to discuss these proclamies. The fight against this disease should become the command of the hearts of those who are purely conscientious and aroused. A roundtable at the SamDU Kattakogon branch of the Faculty of Business Administration and Information Technology on "Corruption is a threat to the development of society" prompted students to think more terribly.

Deputy Director for Youth Affairs and Spiritual Affairs Sh.Mustafayev, The deputy city prosecutor in Kattakogon, J.Mardonov, E.Xudoykulov, head of the Department of Komplaens-Monitoring, M.Turayev, Deputy Director of Scientific Affairs and Innovation, E.Husanov, head of the Department of Youth Work, Spirituality and Education, attended.

The event was conducted by S.Rajabov, dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Information Technology.

Anti-corruption is one of the top priorities of public policy in Uzbekistan. During the round table, the speakers provided the necessary information on the unscrupulous treatment and fight against any form of corruption, as well as the early detection and prevention of corruption cases, the elimination of their causes and conditions, the prevention of conflicts of interest, and the development of an unscrupulous attitude toward corruption.

During the round table, it emphasized the importance of properly shaping students' worldviews and improving their legal culture. First of all, it emphasized the need to read and study the Anti-Corruption Act of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The main areas of government policy in the fight against corruption were exchanged views with students on improving the legal minds and legal culture of the population and fostering an unscrupulous attitude toward corruption in society.

Instead, it should be noted that every regulatory document adopted in the fight against corruption is a major step toward completely eliminating the illusion of corruption in the life of Uzbekistan tomorrow.

Indeed, in any case, a clean person will win life and live happily ever after. Today, our whole society is seeking such a clean life.

At the event, the students received detailed answers to questions they were interested in on the subject.

SamDU KF Information Service

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