On December 3, this year, the SamDU Kattakogon branch held a 10-day event entitled "The Barrier to Our Corruption Development" during the Anti-Corruption Week dedicated to "December 9th-International Anti-Corruption" day at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Language Teaching.

The event was opened by A.Sobirov, dean of the Faculty of Pedagogical and Language Teaching, sh.Mustafayev, Deputy Director of Youth Affairs and Spiritual Affairs, E.Xudoykulov, head of the Department of Komplaens-Monitoring, and I.Daurov, the city of Kattakogon. Z introduced the wines.

During the course of the campaign, speakers emphasized that the future of our country directly depends on the reforms that are taking place today, that at the time of these reforms, the principle that "human interests are above all else" and that "public offices, not public offices, should serve our people," and that serving the people will not happen on their own, in which government agencies are certainly corrupt when dealing with the people (Matthew 24:14; 28:19, 20) Jehovah's Witnesses would be pleased to discuss these answers with you.

During the lectures, the content of the Decrees and Resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, aimed at combating corruption, was also broadly explained.

At the open-ended event, students answered questions posed by them to illustrate the problems faced by event guests in practice.

SamDU KF Information Service

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