It is well known that since 2001 August 31 has been widely celebrated in our country as a day of remembrance for the victims of Katagon. In connection with this date, a number of events are also held in our region. For example, the meeting was held that day at the Museum of the remains of the victims of Katagon in the district, in the structure of Samarkand State University. It was attended by historians, young researchers and artists from the Samarkand region, who studied the period of the murder, which left a mark on the history of our country. Opening
the meeting with a brief introduction, Museum Director Bakhri Murodov emphasized that in the short period since the founding of the museum, 4,153 massacre victims in our region have been identified and included in Chapter 1 of the Memory Book published by an American newspaper in Tashkent, and that cooperation with the Governing Council is still going on.

Speaking at the congress, Professor of Samarkand State University Zebiniso Rakhmonova, well-known writer and journalist Nusrat Rakhmat, children of the victims of the massacre, Lola Akramova, Nak Azizov, Amirov, the architect of the Rukhobod mosque in Samarkand and others to restore the names of our ancestors who were killed in the Zarefat valley by a team Museum of the memory of the victims of Katagon in the province, in order to search for noble documents and historical sources about them, they highlighted the work done.