Hashar has long played a special role in the life of the Uzbek people. At the same time, most of the landscaping and economic works will be carried out, and the environment will be put in order. From time immemorial, much of the important work has been done through the organization of hashars as a team. Hashar embodies concepts such as benevolence and mutual kindness.

On the basis of the relevant order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 26, 2013 at the Faculty of Business Administration and Information Technology of the Kattakurgan branch of Samarkand State University was held a nationwide charity hashar under the motto “Neighborhood prosperity – prosperity of the country .”

Professors, tutors and enterprising students of the faculty took an active part in this nationwide charity hashar.

During the charity hashar, ornamental trees and flower seedlings were treated and irrigated. The trees were whitewashed and pruned. The ditches and trays were cleaned. In the course of landscaping, the territory of the faculty was cleared of various wastes.

The nationwide charitable hashar, which is held for the purpose of beautification and landscaping, serves as a good event in strengthening the feelings of mutual love and affection for the Motherland in the hearts of professors and teachers, especially students.