Samarkand State University, Kattakurgan branch, Faculty of Pedagogy and Language Teaching, in cooperation with the Kattakurgan City Department of Internal Affairs, students on crime prevention and fight against crime, and the head of the Kattakurgan City Department of Internal Affairs Advocacy events were organized with the participation of Deputy Mayor Major Sherali Yarlakov.

The event was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Language Teaching Anvar Sobirov.

Major Sherali Yarlakov, a police officer, spoke at the event about the crimes and offenses committed by young people in the region. various forms of theft and fraud committed through networks, methods and techniques of their commission, new manifestations, cases of exposure to various alien ideas through the poisoning of the minds of our youth through social networks, and intentional confession crimes related to injury transmission, early marriage, early childbirth, suicide.

At the same time, booklets were distributed to students, prepared by the Department of Internal Affairs, aimed at early prevention of fraud and theft.

Officials provided detailed answers to all questions of interest to young people, their suggestions and recommendations on measures to prevent delinquency and crime at an early stage.