An information hour was held with students of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Language Teaching of the Kattakurgan branch of Samarkand State University on “Protection of youth from the influence of fanatical movements, the fight against missionary work” and “Mirror of spirituality in national dress.” Sanjar Eshankulov, Advisor to the Director, who is responsible for ensuring the stability of the socio-spiritual environment among students, was invited to the information hour.

Dean of the Faculty Anvar Sobirov opened the information hour with an introductory speech. and expressed his views on the prevention of imitation of dress styles that are not specific to our values, the formation of a national dress culture among young people, adherence to dress code and norms in higher education.

After that, C. Eshankulov said that terrorism is one of the most serious threats to peace, security and stability, violates human rights and opposes the socio-economic development of our country. Particularly vulnerable in our society, in the age of globalization and the free exchange of information, are those who are exposed to social networks, especially young people, who should be careful when using social networks and not knowingly accessing various sites. .

The information hour was held in the form of a very meaningful and interesting roundtable discussion. At the end of the interview, the students received answers to their questions.