It is known from history that the most dangerous threat to man is a spiritual threat. Indeed, religious extremism and terrorism are cited as the biggest threats today. Religious extremism rejects religious diversity. At the same time, fanatics not only harm the political, economic or cultural spheres of social life, but also spread the ideology of violence and aggression in the most horrible forms, putting mass psychological pressure on society. Today, this disease threatens our country as one of the most developed countries.

Therefore, at the Faculty of Business Administration and Information Technology KF SamSU held a spiritual and educational event on “Religious extremism and its negative consequences” among teachers and students. The event was attended by the chief specialist of the city of Kattakurgan B. Kadyrov.

The event was opened by the dean of the faculty Sukhrob Rajabov. He also spoke about the purpose of the event. He noted that Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and other religions have lived in peace in our country since ancient times. it was emphasized that this noble historical tradition continues. The main purpose of the event is to raise awareness of our youth, their primary task is not only to acquire knowledge, but also to make every effort to become a leading specialist who can make a worthy contribution to the development of the country. It was emphasized to the students that

After that, the floor was given to B. Kadyrov, Chief Specialist for Religious Affairs of Kattakurgan.

The chief specialist in religious affairs told the students that today there is an ideological and political struggle to further strengthen the independence of our country, external enemies, especially those who seek to disrupt our peaceful life under the guise of religion and in various ways. He noted that the plague of our century has claimed the lives of many innocent people, and therefore, along with all the enlightened forces in the world, Uzbekistan is carrying out various large-scale activities to combat it and called on students to be vigilant. .

 At the end of the event, students received answers to their questions, and it was agreed to hold such meetings and events more often among students.

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