Kattakurgan branch of Samarkand State University, Faculty of Business Administration and Information Technology, Deputy Mayor of Kattakurgan, Head of the Department of Family and Women Sh. Kochkarova, Kattakurgan city medical Head of the Association, S. Khalilova, Senior Inspector of the Kattakurgan City Department of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant Colonel Z. Akhatova, Deputy Dean for Youth Spiritual and Enlightenment Affairs A. Jabborov, and the Department of Business Administration J. Kuchkarovs held a spiritual and educational event with the participation of students of social work.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Mayor of Kattakurgan, Head of the Department of Family and Women Sh. Kochkarova said that the legal framework for opportunities for women in Uzbekistan He spoke about the current challenges facing the higher education system in the implementation of support reforms, the cooperation of educational institutions with law enforcement agencies to protect women from oppression and violence, and the causes of domestic violence.

In her speech, the head of the Kattakurgan city medical association S. Khalilova said that the organization of a healthy lifestyle in the family is one of the most important tasks of family life, to always pay attention to their own health. gave students detailed information on the need to follow proper nutritional hygiene.

Senior Inspector of Prevention, Lieutenant Colonel Z.Akhatova gave a broad understanding of the prevention of crime among students and compliance with traffic accidents.

All questions of interest to young people were answered in detail by officials, and students were given the necessary suggestions and recommendations