Today, it is the duty of every generation to promote reading, to encourage young people to observe works of art, and thus to contribute to our spirituality and culture while preserving our centuries-old traditions.

Therefore, the Kattakurgan branch of Samarkand State University in cooperation with the Faculty of Pedagogy and Language Teaching and the staff of the IRC of the branch held a literary and artistic evening “Literature – a means of education.”

At the event, comments were made on the stories of Khurshid Dostmuhammad “Jajman”, Nazar Eshankul “The wind can not be caught” and the poetry of Iqbol Mirzo.

The event was attended by the methodologist of the Department of Spirituality A.Majidov, Deputy Dean for Spirituality J.Abdurahmanov, Head of the Department of “Humanities” N.Ruziyeva, teachers of the Department of “Humanities” D. Soyipova, M.Murodova, SamDUKF IRC employee N.Ismailova, Philology and language teaching and Sports activities: wrestling.

The event was opened by the head of the department “Humanities” N.Ruziyeva. After that, the teacher of the department “Humanities” D.Soyipova gave a lecture to students on ” Literary-educational tool ” and expressed her views. During the literary evening, Khurshid Dostmuhammad’s stories “Jajman”, Nazar Eshankul’s “The wind can’t be caught” and Iqbol Mirzo’s poetry will be discussed. Nazar Eshanqul gave information about his life.

Commenting on the story of Jajman, the students encouraged the youth to walk away from Jajman, the symbol of evil and lust described in the book.

The students also shared their impressions of Narar Eshanqul’s story “You Can’t Catch the Wind” and described the characters in the story.

After that, he moved on to the poetry section. The students recited a poem by Iqbol Mirzo.

At the end of the event, the methodologist of the Department of Spirituality A.Majidov noted that the theme of the literary evening and fiction were chosen very correctly, which was a real means of raising spirituality.