The people in the branch of samarkand state university 9-in connection with the day of memory and honor of may the national fight on the type of sport of memory “the tournament” competition was held. Vomiting was the following results:

52 kg in weight between the girls toyifasida:

?Sunnatullayeva Mashxura
Nosirova Mohinur?
?Hilola Xudoyorova

Toyifasida men between 60 kg weight:

Usmonov Suyunboy?
?Xoldurodov Shaxobiddin

Toyifasida men between 60 kg weight:

Mehroj By Kenjaev?
?Avazov Otabek
Mansurov Shokhrukh?

Toyifasida between men 73kgli weight:

O’lmasov Otamurod?
?Shopp’latov Shaxruz

Toyifasida between men 81kgli weight:

?Dusmurodov May
Abduraximov Abror?
?Qurbonqulov Century

Toyifasida between men 90kgli weight:

Norbekov Abdumalik?
?Jurabek Islomov

All participants medals, diplomas and memorable gifts were awarded.