Samarqand davlat universiteti Kattaqo'rg'on filiali

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          It has been 68 years since the birth of the People’s Poet of Uzbekistan, Muhammad Yusuf, who left an indelible mark on Uzbek literature. The more we remember and respect the poet, who has led many Uzbek boys and girls on the path of creativity, despite the fact that there is no life today during this past period. In this regard, the poet’s work was widely celebrated at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Language Teaching of the Kattakurgan branch of Samarkand State University.

          The event was attended by Deputy Dean for Spiritual and Educational Affairs J.Abdurahmanov, employee of the IRC SamDUKF N.Ismailova, teacher of the Department of Humanities D.Sayipova and faculty tutors and students.

          During the event, the students of the branch performed poetic compositions praising the country, as well as captivating melodies based on the poems of the writer.

           Everyone present at the event was in a truly festive mood, with students dancing and adding interest to the circle.

           Wonderful scenes, beautiful dances, poems by Muhammad Yusuf performed by the students gave a festive mood to the participants of the event.

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